Australian comedian Tim Minchin, while talking about nine life lessons he has learned, said “Please, please, please be a Teacher. Even if you are not a teacher, be a teacher!” I think that fits my role so far quite well. I am beginning to get some experience teaching thanks to professors at the Texas Women’s University and to uncover the obvious – I LOVE teaching.

I have designed and supervised laboratory projects for high school, undergraduate, and Master’s post-graduate students. I started when I was a second year Master’s Student and I think I must have enjoyed it very much because I now think that’s the best part about research! I have also been lucky to have some really great teachers and mentors myself. I take pride in my students what they learnt while training with me. Below you can find a link to a page with brief project descriptions of my student mentees.

In addition, together with Dr. Peter Lundquist a postdoc colleague at the Noble Research Institute and my supervisors Dr. Michael Udvardi and Dr. Wolf Scheible we were also selected to develop a course module for Plant peptides as part of the ‘Teaching tool in Plant Biology‘ for The Plant Cell. Available here.

  • iBiology Lecture Presenter “Teaching Tools in Plant Biology: Small and Mighty Peptide Hormones”   Coming Soon!
  • Guest lecturer, Texas Women’s University, Plant Biotechnology undergraduate course, Nov 2018  “Behind the scenes of research in Plant Biology”    
  • Guest lecturer, Texas Women’s University, Plant Biotechnology undergraduate course, Feb 2020 “Sessile Networking: Plant Chemicals as messengers” Access slides here on Figshare.           
  • Teaching tools author for The Plant Cell “Small and Mighty: Peptide hormones in Plant Biology” Aug 2018
  • Undergraduate workshop lecturer for NSF outreach “Introduction to the transcriptome and transcriptomics” May 2018                   

Masters Students Co-supervised: Anders Watjen, Uni. Copenhagen, 2016; Tuğçe Uslu, Uni. East Anglia, 2014

Undergrad Summer Scholars Supervised: Elizabeth Antonelli, Gordon College, 2019; Bailey Christie, South Eastern University of Oklahoma, 2019; Kaylynn Ashby, Utah State Uni., 2018; Sarah Dysinger, Uni. New Mexico, 2017; Christina Chiu, Clemson Uni., 2016

High-school Biotechnology Students Supervised: Josiah Beal, Springer High School, 2018; Darian Gonzalez, Healdton High School, 2017; Delaney Welch, Lone Grove High School, 2016; Caitlyn Bone, Nuffield Scholar, 2013 (Winner, Norfolk State Project representative at the Big Bang Fair, UK)

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