Student Mentees

Miss Bailey Christie, South Eastern State University, Lloyd Noble Summer Scholar in Plant Science, 2019 helped develop a platform to study effects of peptides on plant nutrition.
Miss Liza Antonelli, Gordon College, Llyod Summer Scholar in Plant Science, 2019 worked on a project trying to understand the role of peptide hormones in plant nutrition.
Miss Kaylynn Ashby, Utah State University, was a Lloyd Noble Summer Scholar in Plant Science who helped develop protocols to study the effect of peptides on Reactive Oxygen Species burst within the short span of ten weeks in 2018!

Masters Students Co-supervised: Anders Watjen, Uni. Copenhagen, 2016; Tuğçe Uslu, Uni. East Anglia, 2014

Undergrad Summer Scholars Supervised: Elizabeth Antonelli, Gordon College, 2019; Bailey Christie, South Eastern University of Oklahoma, 2019;Kaylynn Ashby, Utah State Uni., 2018; Sarah Dysinger, Uni. New Mexico, 2017; Christina Chiu, Clemson Uni., 2016

High-school Biotechnology Students Supervised: Josiah Beal, Springer High School, 2018; Darian Gonzalez, Healdton High School, 2017; Delaney Welch, Lone Grove High School, 2016; Caitlyn Bone, Nuffield Scholar, 2013 (Winner, Norfolk State Project representative at the Big Bang Fair, UK)

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