Selected Talks

Parallel Session – Interaction of Symbiosis with Hormones, International congress of Nitrogen Fixation, Wuhan, China. (2019)


Concurrent Session – Symbiosis and Mutualism, “Making a nodule – A role for MtLAX2” XVII Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Portland, USA. (2016)

Young Scientist Award Session, “Medicago truncatula MtLAX2, an orthologue of the AtAUX1 auxin influx transporter, mediates auxin control of nodule organogenesis,” Society for Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic. (2015)


Lightening talk, “Three ABC B-family transporters are important for root legume symbiosis” ABC Transporter Meeting, Chester, United Kingdom, 2015

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