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-Plant Physiology Article of the week January 2021

Boschiero C., Dai X., Lundquist P. K., Roy S., de Bang T. C., Zhang S., … & Zhao P. X. (2020). MtSSPdb: The Medicago truncatula Small Secreted Peptide Database. Plant Physiology183(1), 399-413.

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– Highlighted on Plantae
– Included in ASPB Webinar on “Preparing your Manuscript for Submission” as an example of good writing practices by use of ‘Topic sentences’.
– The Plant Cell’s #2 article based on number of mentions during the month of October.

Boschiero C.*, Lundquist P.K.*, Roy S.*, Dai X.*, Zhao P.X., and Scheible W.R. Identification and Functional Investigation of Genome‐Encoded, Small, Secreted Peptides in Plants. Current protocols in plant biology, (2019) 4, e20098.
– Used as the cover page for the issue

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Roy S.*, Lundquist P.K.*, Udvardi M., Schieble W. Small and Mighty: Peptide hormones in plant biology. Teaching Tools in Plant Biology: Lecture Notes. The Plant Cell – online (2018).
Winning entry to create this Teaching Tool for The Plant Cell

Pfeilmeier S., George J., Morel A., Roy S., Smoker M., Stransfeld L., Downie J.A, Peeters N., Malone J., Zipfel C. “Expression of the Arabidopsis thaliana immune receptor EFR in Medicago truncatula reduces infection by a root pathogenic bacterium, but not nitrogen-fixing rhizobial symbiosis.” Plant biotechnology journal (2018).

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– Highlighted by Plantae here.

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* Authors contributed equally

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