Hi! My name is Sonali Roy and I am currently a Post-doctoral scientist at the Noble Research Institute. I have worked with the model legume Medicago truncatula for the past nine years, since starting my PhD. I use genetics and molecular biological tools to understand how legumes acquire the macronutrient Nitrogen from their environment. I study small molecule hormones with a focus on peptide hormones that are involved in this process. During my PhD at the John Innes Centre in Norwich, I investigated the role of the classic hormone ‘auxin’ in the Root nodule symbiosis (RNS) as well as the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis (AMS). Presently, I am studying novel peptide hormones in RNS and nutrient acquisition at the Noble Research Institute.

I am also involved in science communication activities. I curate the @MedicagoNews twitter feed as a part of the Noble Communication cluster and occasionally write blog posts related to it. In addition, I also served as an Assistant Features Editor for the journal The Plant Cell (2017-2020). I wrote short summaries or ‘In Brief’ articles highlighting accepted manuscripts and biographies of current editors. I am proud to be a part of an amazing, international group of volunteers called Repro4Everyone who advocate for adopting scientific practices that increase reproducibility of experiments within and between scientific groups worldwide.

Finally, I am a part of another organization – CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) of Southern Oklahoma. I volunteer my time here providing a voice for abused or neglected children and reporting their concerns to the judge directly. More information about the CASA program can be found here.

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